Bengü Karaduman

Bengü Karaduman is a media artist from Istanbul, Turkey. She studied Stage & Costume Design at Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts in Istanbul followed by New Artistic Media at Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar (Fine Art Academy Saar). How realities are constructed is the thematical main thread in her work as well as the individual in the midst of it. She collects her material both from conscious and subconscious experiences to make sense of the world and its economic, social, political systems and mechanisms. Her method is to observe, collect, dismantle, decipher and assemble again. Her installations are based on media such as video, 2D & 3D computer animation, performance, drawing and sound. As one of the winning participants at the Octopus Programme 2021 she is currently working on a mixed media film about her personal history.

project in process

Shadow Catcher

The work is on associative thinking through the acts of remembering; seeing flashbacks; emerging of disconnected thought fragments alternating, rather than the usual experience of the flow of thoughts. The introspective state of the associative mind is connected with the physical material being around such as notebooks, dream diaries, old format video and data recordings (VHS, miniDV), old hard disks, and unpacked boxes. The project has two lanes: The first one is the matter resulting from the personal data mining; the second one is on the historical narrative of the past 50 years — such as taking key local and global events ranging from coups to the fall of the Berlin Wall, from the case of the Madimak Hotel to the September 11, from the bombings in Turkey to the Gezi Protests, many other developments which changed our lives. The two lanes will intertwine and weave the story of being in this world in this time. It is a long term performance project when I look at the work from a broader perspective.