The Angewandte Festival

As the first outcome of the project, two publications was in circulation during the Angewandte Festival.

The first publication “The Rehearsal” is a collaborative artist book that has been assembled and produced by the applicants of the Octopus Program 2020: Julia Stern (DAE / TEX), Sophia Bellouhassi Widmann (DEX / KKP) from University of Applied Arts Vienna and Marwa Manai and Younes Ben Slimane from Tunis. It was produced as part of the Spectral Encounters course that took place both at Department of Art and Communication Practices (KKP), Institute For Art Sciences And Art Education, the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and B7L9, Kamel Lazaar Foundation in Tunis as a pilot application of the Octopus Programme. I contributed to the production phase through the conceptual design debates, as well as undertaking the graphic design and image processing of the book.

The second publication that I edited gathers the process of the “Spectral Encounters” course with the contributions of Anne Klontz, Olfa Feki, Bronwyn Lace, Marcus Neustetter, and Nadia Ayari . During and after the duration of the festival, the publication will be available and downloadable both from the programme’s website and also from the Angewandte Festival 2020’s Archive.