Bochra Taboubi

Bochra Taboubi is a Tunisian visual artist and product designer studied at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Tunis. She is interested in organic shapes, biomimicry and the relationship between Human and Nature. These biological and philosophical inquiries take the form of drawings, monographs, videos and sometimes sculptures with plates that she intitled “imaginary taxonomy”. She mainly works on artificial life with fictitious creatures to create her own fable repertoire that is questioning human’s issues. She was an artist-in-residence at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (2019/2020) and the Performing art center in Tunis (2018/2019) where she held several Open Studios. Her works have been featured in “Speculativ Organics” by Foreign Objekt”collective, California, Festival Tashweesh; Goehte Institut Tunesien; “Chouftouhonna” the International Feminism Art Festival, Tunis.She also participated in collective exhibitions as “Utopies Visuelles” Sousse, “Art and migration” with IOM at Abdeliya Palace, at the National Library, Tunis; and Maison de l’Image, Tunis.

project in process

Cluster of Matter

Density and fluidity evoking the thin line between the earth and the sea, from stratum to stratum time becomes thick and the mounds of matter awaken original turbulences. Between disappeared worlds and possible worlds, the project “Cluster of matter” aims at the reflection of matter as an organic speculation to question our collective memory. At which point could these original forms inform us about our visceral thoughts? And how do they generate a common archaic imaginary?

A dialogue between the fictional and the natural will outline a whole repertoire of creatures and chimerical forms suggesting a fauna and flora that could have existed. The deposits of the Tunisian natural reserves abound with informations of fossil life forms and vanished worlds. The project tends towards the creation of an imaginary chimerical index of fauna and flora inspired by endemic fossiliferous forms of the Tunisian south in Metlaoui (the Selja gorges and the faults of Gafsa). Questioning the depths and unearthing the buried to create a fictitious archaeology.