Eser Epözdemir

Eser Epözdemir is an artist/cultural producer based in İstanbul. She studied Fine Arts at Valencia Polytechnic University and Painting at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. She completed her master’s degree at Sabanci University, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Department. In her artistic practice she focuses on cultural heritage, systemic change, ecological justice, health policies, mechanisms of functioning, inclusion/equality/apathy, the relationship between individual and space, and the way things relate to each other. In addition to her artistic productions, she worked in various areas of the art and culture industry such as magazines and radio. She also provides Culture and Art Accessibility Consultancy for individuals with different physical characteristics. In the scope of the Octopus Programme 2021-2022 she will work on a new project that is sort of an extension of her latest researches on water, time, exposure.

project in process

via Keywords:

Water, time, exposure, multi-layered, timelessness, refraction, circle, w-holistic, efficacy, momentum, symbolism, conflict/resemblance, memory, data/knowledge.