Julia Stern  is a graphic designer, illustrator and artist from Vienna. She was educated as an Applied Fashion Designer at Wiener Kunstschule, studied Theatre Science and Journalism & Communication Studies at University of Vienna focussing on Stage and Costume Design as well as on Media Design.  In 2015 she started another education University of Applied Arts in Vienna at the Institute of Art Science & Art Education, for Design, Architecture and Environment (DAE) and Textile –Free, Applied & Experimental Artistic Design (TEX). Her permanent occupation with matters of social and educational significance and economic correlations as well as her interest in material culture and modes of production find their expression in mostly textile and material combined artworks. There is also an intensive connection to language within her works always trying to take a light-hearted look at what she is doing. Moreover she has extensive knowledge working as a graphic designer and illustrator in magazine design. Her work “Notes of an Imbalance” was shown at Angewandte Festival 2019 for the exhibition “In&Out”. As one of the winning participants at the Octopus Programme 2020 she is currently working on a project about communication.

Marwa Manai is a, playwright, stage director, actress and professor based in Tunisia. She graduated from the Ecole Normale Superieure majoring in English Language, Literature and Civilization. She is a tenured assistant professor at the University of Tunis. She then graduated from the National School of Acting under the direction of the pioneer stage director Fadhel Jaibi. She got selected for the Tunisian National Theatre company to participate as assistant stage director and actress in Violences (2015) then as an actress and co-writer in Fentres Sur (2016)… by Raja Ben Ammar and again as an actress in Fears (2018) by Fadhel Jaibi and Jalila Baccar. She partook in different performances and writing collectives across Tunisia in addition to organizing several drama workshops. Her first play A.S.H. was selected for a residency grant at the International Cultural Center of Hammamet. She is the playwright and director of the Tunisian National Theatre’s production The Name of the Father (2019). She is also a co-organizer of Lectures, a series of readings of dramatic texts from the international repertoire held twice a month as an attempt to join her passion for literature to that of drama. Having worked on The Aesthetics of Violence in Macbeth for her graduation, she continues on the same vein by focusing on the bridges between Elizabethan and Contemporary drama for her doctoral thesis. Her work focuses on the fundamentally distinctive feature of the literary genre of drama as both text and performance. 

Sophia Widmann is an artist is studying Art Education at University of Applied Arts Vienna. She received pedagogical formation in education and also studied Social Care at KSH in Munich. Her areas of research bring subjects of Psychology, Philosophy, Education and Art by also addressing her previous experience in the field of social work. With her art practice, she addresses issues of social justice, intercultural relations, digitalization and climate change by taking education into consideration. Her works have been featured in “#BeyondPolitics” (2019);  Transit Collective, WUK, Vienna; “In&Out”, Angewandte Festival 2019; Post-Apocalyptic Gesture”, MUMOK, Vienna in 2019. 

Younes Ben Slimane is an architect and artist. He studied at the National School of Architecture and Urban Planning in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia. The Tunis based Jaou Festival hosted his first exhibition «Ready-to-Burn» in 2018. In 2019, he participated in collective exhibitions as «Conscious Landscapes» at the Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje; «Climbing through the tide» at B7L9; «El kasma» during Gabes cinema Fen, and « Homogeneus » at the french Institut Français of Tunis. He was an artist-in-residence at Dar Eyquem and «Les ateliers coteaux». His documentary short film, «All Come From Dust», won the Golden Tanit in Carthage Film Festival, and was officially selected in Locarno Film Festival, Pardi di domani competiton, «Passaggi : intrecci mediterranei » in , and Pravo Ljudski Film Festival in Sarajevo and it will be screening in Clermont Ferrand film festival.