This page is dedicated to the research process of the 2020 participants’ projects.

The participants first formulated their projects through their applications for the programme. These proposals were first discussed with peer to peer sessions with the lecturer, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Basak Senova. These sessions were either conducted by Senova in person with the Austrian participants or via Skype or Zoom with the Tunisian participants. Starting from the 16th of March, all of the meetings and activities have been moved to online platforms.

From the beginning of the semester, the participants have been aquatinted with each other’s researches and on-going projects through Skype and Zoom sessions that have been designed and moderated by Senova. And since, in the syllabus, some weeks are also dedicated to peer to peer sessions, Senova also continues to communicate with the students for individual sessions according to the schedule of the “Spectral Encounters” course.

Thinktank 2020 consists of 4 inter-related components as (i) Idealogs; (ii) Intersections; (iii) Texts; and (iv) References.

Idea-logs page demonstrates the progression of the projects with weekly entires. They are created as physical or electronic medium (or combination of different media) by the participants; then, uploaded to this website as digital documents by the lecturer. They document participant’s ideas, way of thinking, and research questions, while capturing, developing, creating ideas for their art production

Intersections page is about the thematic, form-based, and research-based links and similarities among the participants’ research and projects. Its starting point was a network map of the keywords that the participants process in their projects.

Texts by the guest lecturers along with contributions of Barbara Putz-Plecko, Lina Lazaar and Basak Senova will accumulate to a “The Rehearsal LogBook”, which will be presented during the Angewandte Festival 2020.

References/Links page displays the reading suggestions, literature, and also some online links to the other projects or events or issues.